RAS Driving School Cambridge Automatic Driving Lesson Prices

Driving Lesson Prices

RAS Driving School has great rates on driving lesson prices! We have driving lessons to suit all pupils, whether you want to get to test standard quickly with an intensive driving lesson course or you can only take your driving lessons in the morning before college or work. There is something for everyone!

Our automatic driving lesson prices drop as low as £21 per lesson when you make a block booking of two Fast Progress Lessons. Please read the below benefits of Fast Progress Lessons.

  • More material per lesson
  • More efficient lessons
  • More concentration
  • Faster progress
  • More savings with 45 min lessons

RAS Driving School Cambridge & Bedford - book driving lessons today!

Driving Lessons

Driving LessonLesson RateSaving
1 Hour lesson£36
1 (45 min) fast progress lesson£26£10
2 (2 x 45 min) fast progress lesson£24 per lesson£24

Block Bookings

Block BookingsLesson RateSaving
10 Hours£320£40
10 Fast Progress Lessons (45min each)£240£80

Pass Plus

Pass PlusLesson RateSaving
1 Hour lesson£38
2 Hour lesson£35£6
All 6 Lessons£200 per course£28

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