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Automatic Fast Pass Course Cambridge

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Model:Automatic Fast Pass Course Cambridge
Card Payments to:Rafal Aulich, Lloyds Bank: Account Number: 20829160; Sort Code: 30-90-66

30 Automatic Lessons! 3 Lessons per session.

Theory Test for free!

RAS Driving School Practical exam fee included!

Great offer for those who want to pass quickly and prepare well for less money.

Quick progress and big savings guaranteed! The best option for absolute beginners.

Intensive Driving Course Package

Duration of the course: 30 lessons of professional automatic driving tuition

Duration of sessions: 3 lessons of 45 min each

Deal Benefit 1: You get one attempt on Theory Test for free

Deal Benefit 2: You get one practical exam included!*

Deal Benefit 3: Course is refundable - you can cancel after first lesson, before the second one within two weeks time and request the outstanding balance back^

Deal requirements:

1. Minimum booking is 1 session per week, maximum 5 sessions per week**

2. Unless you take holidays one week in advance, you need to follow your minimum lesson plan within terms and conditions listed on the ww.go-ras.co.uk website***

3. The sessions need to be taken Monday to Friday between 7:00 to 18:00. The last booking available is at the latest 15:00 as each session is 2hrs 15 minutes long

4. Including your pre-agreed holidays, and excluding your practical driving test, maximum time to utilize all the contracted training lessons is 4 months. After this period the contracted hours are reckoned to have been delivered and the contract has been fulfilled.

Great savings, cheap lessons, and and quick progress for new driver candidates guaranteed. Buy your intensive driving course today! Limited offer.

After you have placed an order we will contact you the next day within office hours, 9:00 to 5:00, in order to arrange you first driving session.

* Does not include DSA fee for practical driving test

** To be agreed prior to commencement of the course

*** Please read RAS DS terms and conditions available on this website

^ Cancellation fee of £49 applies. If you cancel your contract at any time then you also lose benefits 1 and 2 as per above (Free Theory Test and practical exam).

Book your Fast Pass driving course today on-line and get a big discount!!

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